Garden Ideas That Can Sell a House

April 12, 2024

A tantalizing garden and an immaculate landscape prove time and time again to attract potential home buyers to open houses like organic magnets. If you’re on the brink of selling your DFW home, refining and redesigning your landscape can pad your profit, as well as your yard — these upgrades can add as much as 20 percent to a home’s value. Given this, choosing the right garden ideas before hitting the market can mean the difference between a green payday and silent tumbleweeds when you open your home’s doors to buyers.


Do-It-Yourself Garden Upgrades

Great garden ideas are a natural combination of aesthetics and practicality. Before picking out eye-popping blossoms and lush greenery, consider their intended placement within your garden’s space. Ensure that any trees and greenery won’t present structural problems for your house or its nearby edifices in the future. Gift potential buyers with the ability to envision years of hassle-free plant and tree growth. Make allowances for the knowledge of experienced gardeners: buyers with green thumbs will be able to tell if your landscaping was done with foresight and care. Keep in mind that the only aspect that decreases a home’s value more than a lack of landscaping is poorly planned and shoddy yard work.

If you’re on a budget, you can give your landscape a quick face lift by mowing and maintaining your existing shrubbery and trees. Prune vegetation that obscures windows to add a sun-soaked view. Opt to dot your yard with hardy, native plants and other greenery that’s easy to maintain. While exotic plants may be beautiful, they can also present the unwelcome specter of difficult yard work, which can translate into a disadvantage for busy families or professionals.


Strategize with Professionals

Should gardening and landscaping prove to be a daunting task, think about hiring a landscape designer. These professionals can help you choose the right combination of plants, trees, and shrubs. They’ll consider your garden’s design when selecting plant sizes and species — all elements that buyers consider when assessing the attractiveness of a landscape. Since Dallas is susceptible to dry weather, they may rightly suggest plants and greenery that are drought-resistant or have reputations for thriving in the region like the Purple coneflower or Perilla.


Build Upon Interest with Landscaping Architecture

One of the best ways to increase a home’s value is to invest in the art and science of garden architecture. Enticing extras like lighting, garden paths, and ponds placed in just the right areas can add rhythm and harmony to your home. For the ultimate impression of style and symmetry, consider making your landscaping choices an extension of your interior design. The result can add dimension to home buyers’ perceptions: Your house will appear as if it has more space for them to enjoy.


Edge Your Way Into a Home Buyer’s Pocketbook

Perfect edges bordering your landscaping or yard will have potential buyers positively lining up to see the inside of your home. This simple landscaping technique gives a neat and orderly appearance that home buyers appreciate and equate with quality. If you’ve opted for budget-friendly landscaping upgrades — such as planting inexpensive flowers, pruning trees and digging up weeds — adding edges around your existing greenery will have potential buyers bordering on an enthusiastic and profitable sale.


Source: Coldwell Banker Blogs

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