Decorating with Books in Your Home

May 1, 2024

Decorating with books is a fun way to incorporate your love of reading into your home. If you’re a bibliophile and can’t get enough of all things literary, you probably have a large collection of books to display. Rather than storing boxes of previously-read books in your basement, you can use them as decorative accents. Here are some ideas on ways to place books throughout the home.


Add Style to Your Bookshelves

Book fanatics love to show off their bookshelves. If you scroll down your Instagram feed, you may notice a great number of pictures tagged as #shelfies. Beautifully decorated shelves are a classic way to show off the beauty of your favorite books and can be used to complete the look of virtually any room in your home. From customized built-in shelves to standard designs, choose a bookshelf that fits your personality and current home style. Give thought to setting up your book collection in a photo-worthy arrangement. Group books by color, size, or category. For added interest, intersperse non-book items like picture frames, small painted storage boxes, or other knickknacks. Smaller bookshelves, or even movable cabinets and tables with glass door fronts can be used to store books needed for quick access, such as cookbooks in your kitchen.


Decorating with Books Outside of the Shelves

Single books and book stacks can also be used to decorate those spots in your home in need of accessories. Monochromatic spaces will benefit from touches of color provided by books with decorative jackets. Coffee table books add an element of character in formal rooms. Carefully placed stacks of books serve as a design element while allowing you to feature those volumes you love. Even book-related accessories like throw pillows, posters, and artwork capturing literary quotes can used to enhance the literary atmosphere of your home.


Turn Old Books into New Things

Transforming a classic book into something new adds a touch of nostalgia to your home design. Cut out the pages of old books to create a vintage planter or a hidden storage space for small items such as remote controls. If you can’t part with the books in your current collection, spend a rainy afternoon browsing one of Philadelphia’s used book stores. For book lovers who already have stacks of books at their disposal, upcycling the pages into decorative items like candle holders or coasters is another fun way to express your love of words.


The right books can complement virtually any design scheme from bright and modern to traditional decor. If you’re searching for ways to accessorize a room in your home, look no further than your personal book collection.



Source: Coldwell Banker Blogs

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