5 Home Steps to Get Ready for Summer

May 10, 2024

When summer comes to Texas, it brings a unique set of blessings and detriments. This year, follow these important steps to get ready for summer, both for your home and your yard.


Stay Cool in the Hot Summer

The air is lazily swirling. The sun is at its peak in the sky. Rain hasn’t been on the radar in weeks — and won’t reappear until fall. It’s simply summer in Texas. While north Texans expect the heat that hits between June and August, it doesn’t mean they enjoy roasting like pigs over a spit. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your home is ready to keep you cool this summer.

The first step to ensuring a cool retreat from the hot summer sun is having your air conditioning system serviced and evaluated. And the best time to do this is long before the heat of the season hits. It is well worth the cost of a service call to gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing your AC system will last the summer. Plus, waiting until a problem occurs in the summer may mean spending far more money for a rush service call, or having to wait for days until an opening is available for a technician to come out.

The second step to get ready for summer in a cool home is to check your insulation and consider upgrading your attic to beat the summer heat. The amount of insulation you have in your attic correlates to how cool the rest of your home will remain. If you don’t have attic insulation, your attic’s temperature will rise and drag the rest of your home with it. By upping your level of insulation, you can help your home to remain cooler.

A third potential step to stay cool in the hot summer is to install a radiant barrier system within your attic. This involves adhering a special layer of heat-blocking material to the underside of your roof. A radiant barrier system is to your home like a bouncer is to a nightclub — any heat that tries to come in gets turned away before it can even enter.


Make Outside Your Best Side

You might believe that the best way to escape the summer heat is to go inside. But what about upgrading your outdoor areas so you can enjoy them year round?

A fourth way to get ready for summer is to turn your backyard into a comfortable oasis. Do you have a covered back patio? Installing a ceiling fan in a covered patio can keep the sultry air moving and make that space more enjoyable. Additional ways to up the value of your covered patio are to install roll-down heat-and-light barriers. These add both aesthetic appeal and help keep your patio cooler. Finally, consider your plants — do you have enough trees or tall shrubs that can help block the summer heat from the sun? If not, consider buying plants that are already somewhat mature and tall to add to your yard.

One final way to get ready for the summer is to ensure that your yard is more welcoming to guests than pests. Mosquitoes can be a real hazard during the summer months. Ensure that your yard properly drains to eliminate standing water areas that attract those bloodsuckers. In addition, you can use special plants or fixtures that repel pests, like bug lights, citronella candles, or plant mosquito-repelling annuals like marigolds.

This summer, beat the heat and the bugs instead of letting them beat you. Your home, yard, and guests will thank you!



Source: Coldwell Banker Blog

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