Luxury Market Report

Luxury Market Report Making New Opportunities If the past three years have shown us anything, it’s that resilience and innovation are the keys to staying ahead in this fast-changing luxury real estate world. Whether it’s surviving a pandemic, working through an unprecedented homebuying boom, or staying nimble in a transitioning market, the Coldwell Banker® brand always keeps moving forward.  Before we all head […]
Luxury Market Report Solidifying Our Legacy in Luxury In moments of uncertainty, people tend to gravitate to what they know. Brands with rich heritage and longevity give people a sense of trust. They make connections with history and tradition. This is what the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® name brings to the buying and selling process. Today’s real estate agents and affluent consumers gravitate towards […]
Luxury Market Report How to Get the Most Out of a Home Inspection   When you’re buying or selling a house you want to be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. You may have a general idea of your home’s value and any necessary repairs, but you won’t know for certain until you hire a certified home inspector who can thoroughly analyze the property. Read on to find out […]
Buyer What Happens When Affluent Buyers Shift Their Mindset Towards Stability After two years of YOLO (“You Only Live Once”) property buying, a change in buyer mindset is upon us, according to The Trend Report 2022 published by the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® program. Between rising economic uncertainty, stock and crypto market volatility, climate change, and living through an unprecedented health crisis, wealthy buyers have begun turning […]
Luxury Market Report A Buyer’s Guide to Home Inspections The journey to becoming a homeowner is full of many misconceptions and myths, including the one that “you don’t need to have a home inspection.” Home inspections are an essential aspect of the home buying process and one of the first investments you should make into your new house. The inspection pays for itself by […]
Luxury Market Report The Trend Report 2022 The Trend Report curates insights from our exclusive Coldwell Banker Global Luxury/Censuswide survey, the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, Wealth-X, and outside experts to spotlight the major trends guiding the luxury real estate market now and in the future.     What’s inside: Market in Perspective – with Michael Altneu, Vice President of Global Luxury, Coldwell […]
Luxury Market Report THE LUXURY MILLENNIAL MINDSET EXPLAINED   WHAT DRIVES MILLENNIAL DECISION-MAKING IN LUXURY REAL ESTATE?   In part one of a podcast episode, Andrew Hong discusses his recent move from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City, along with all the decisions and nuances that ultimately went into the purchase of his home. He explains how he and his wife had their […]
Luxury Market Report IS “WALKABILITY” THE NEW AND TRENDY LUXURY REAL ESTATE AMENITY FOR HOME BUYERS?     Whether you believe it’s a resurgence of health-consciousness among homebuyers of all income levels, a return to a more “continental lifestyle” that values sidewalk cafes and leisurely strolls along grande metropolitan avenues, or a post-pandemic appreciation of fresh air and freedom from restrictions, there is no doubt that Americans today increasingly embrace neighborhood […]
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