Assisted Living January 31, 2023

The Cost of Assisted Living in Texas

Texas has relatively affordable monthly rates for assisted living, at an average of $3,750 compared to the country’s overall average of $4,051. Some neighboring states have slightly lower costs than Texas, such as Oklahoma and Louisiana with savings of $232 and $100 per month, respectively. Arkansas has considerably less expensive assisted living facilities averaging $3,175 per month, whereas New Mexico is priced higher at $4,100.

  • Texas: $3,750
  • United States: $4,051
  • New Mexico: $4,100
  • Oklahoma: $3,518
  • Arkansas: $3,175
  • Louisiana: $3,650


The Cost of Assisted Living in Texas’ Top Cities

Texas is one of the largest states in the country – second only to Alaska – and this causes significant differences in cost for many services at the city level. Houston and San Antonio are the most populous cities in Texas, and they are also the most affordable in relation to population size, at an average monthly cost of $3,750. Assisted living in Dallas costs $4,150 per month, placing it above both the state and national averages, and Austin is considerably more expensive at $5,395 per month. El Paso is the most affordable large city in Texas, with a low monthly average cost of $2,000.

  • Dallas: $4,150
  • Austin: $5,395
  • San Antonio: $ 3,750
  • Houston: $3,750
  • El Paso: $ 2,000


Senior Care Cost Comparison in Texas

There are five main categories of senior care in the United States, and in Texas, the difference in cost from least to most affordable is quite large. Adult day care has an average cost of $704 per month, which makes it the most affordable option, and nursing home care is the most expensive at $4,867. The two categories of in-home care have similar costs – both just around $4,000 per month. The deciding factor between them is whether more advanced medical care is required in the home on a regular basis. Assisted living is more affordable than both categories of in-home care by roughly $250 per month.

  • Assisted Living: $3,750
  • In-Home Care: $3,956
  • Home Health Care: $4,004
  • Adult Day Care: $704
  • Nursing Home Care: $4,867


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