BuyerHome Buying Tips November 15, 2022

Tips for Making Your Move More Affordable

Moving is a journey where you let go of your past and begin a new chapter in your life. It encourages you to truly think about what you want and need in your life. Moving can be taxing emotionally, physically and financially, but with a little bit of strategizing and these helpful tips, you can make your move more affordable (and less stressful!).


Plan Ahead

Planning is the easiest way to make your move smooth and budget-friendly. When it comes to moving, be it across town or across the country, the key to keeping your move as low-cost as possible is being proactive, not reactive. Explore the numerous moving checklists available online to keep your move organized and on-task.



When was the last time you read that stack of magazines, used that piece of sports equipment bought with good intentions, or wore that dress? Moving is the ideal time to minimize and ditch the excess baggage you’ve been carrying around. Owning less means moving less – and that saves you money. Additionally, if the items are in sellable condition, downsizing can help offset some of your moving expenses.


Shop Around

Whether you’re moving yourself or hiring someone to do it, shop around for the best deals on trucks/trailers and hired hands. If it’s not your first time moving, don’t assume that this move is going to be the same as the last time. Taking the time to understand your options and the going rates will save you money while also alleviating stress.


Don’t Spend Money on Boxes

It may seem obvious, but paying for boxes can quickly drive up the cost of your move. Use your social networks to ask for boxes, ask co-workers to save boxes for you, check with your local recycling center, or ask your local grocery or liquor store when they receive their deliveries; they’ll gladly let you take cumbersome boxes off their hands. Boxes are everywhere, and they’re yours for the taking, if you just ask.


Avoid “Moving Season”

If your schedule is flexible, moving in the off-season can save you money. It may take a little more planning and time, but your budget will appreciate it. With most people choosing to move during the warmer months, you can capitalize on the fact that moving companies are actively looking for business in colder months. That gives you a chance to score the best deal or negotiate a lower rate.


Get Creative

Make sure you know what your employer will pay for and whether there are expenses you can write off. Take advantage of favors owed by friends; a few extra strong backs can make your move go a lot faster and save you money on hired movers. If your move involves a significant distance, consider different options that could help you save on gas and accommodations (or at least earn lots of credit card points you can redeem to cover future needs).



Your new life and new home await you! Moving on a budget is entirely possible, and it can actually seem easy, if you follow these tips.